How to Use Instagram & TikTok to Get Sales for Your Fashion Brand with Elizabeth Stiles

“You can take a huge amount of confidence from the fact that people have chosen to follow you, therefore you have a permission slip to give them more of what they’ve seen so far.” – Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth is a fashion brand consultant based in the UK,  who works with independent brands showing them how to sell their products & services (without selling their soul).

On this week’s podcast, she’ll give us some facts about the modern way to use social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok in 2023 because this shizzle is changing fast. 

We talk about:

  • Instagram and TikTok and how NOT to spend 50 hours a week on content
  • how often to post and what counts as consistency
  • how to avoid outdated social media practices 
  • why being an introvert can actually be a good thing when it comes to content
  • the “perfect pictures and beautiful grid” mistake many brands make
  • what to do if you absolutely refuse to be on video


Elizabeth shares the details about her new program about  How to build a loyal community on social media LIVE 4-week program,

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I highly recommend this program. The way Elizabeth teaches is very actionable. In fact, I’m going to join!

Watch above or listen below:

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“Consistency doesn’t mean like loads and loads of posts. It means pick a number and stick to it.”

“It’s [social media] not a broadcast. I saw this really great thing online that was like, it’s not a television, it’s a telephone. And I, you know, it’s, you have a back and forth conversation with people. You don’t just want everybody to watch you. You want people to watch you and talk back to you and you talk back to them and you know, you are building those connections and conversations.”

“If you think, oh, my grid looks perfect, it looks beautiful, it looks really professional, but you are not seeing any sales off the back of it, uh, that’s quite possibly wise because you’re not giving anything for people to like latch onto.  

Show Notes: 

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear!


More about Elizabeth Stiles:

As a fashion brand consultant, Elizabeth truly believes that independent brands are the future. She works with people who are passionate, purpose-driven and ready to monetize their business.

Equipped with over 15 years experience in the retail industry, Elizabeth will share everything she knows in order for you to grow your business with the expertise to succeed and flourish into the future!

She’ll help to bring your ideas to life, give you a serious confidence boost along the way and share the fundamental practical knowledge that helps to form a financially sustainable business.



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