What Your Pattern Maker Wishes You Knew with Xochil Herrera Sheer

“The big thing is preparedness and clear communication. Even as early as your very first interaction, that first email. You don’t have to tell me the your entire story, but I wanna know a little bit about your product and ideal customer to pique my interest.”


If you’re a new fashion designer or even someone who has experience getting their clothing line made, you’ll need to have a good pattern maker. 

My guest today is Xochil Herrera Scheer, aka  The Chicago Pattern Maker. I’ve known Xochil for a long time and quite frankly, she’s a rockstar in fashion world.

Today Xochil tells us what a a pattern maker wishes you knew BEFORE you work with one, and also what she wants to know from YOU, the fashion designer and entrepreneur. 

We’ll talk about…

  • all the things Xochil wishes designers knew before they start product development
  • what drives her nuts about fashion designers when they reach out to her
  • what she appreciates that designers do and don’t do
  • why trust is so important in product development
  • advice for fashion entrepreneurs that struggle with indecision
  • what to bring when you meet with a pattern maker for the first time


Watch above or listen below:

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“Knowing your target market is like, who are you trying to sell for that’s important for you as a business owner, and it’s important for me as your pattern maker to understand. Like, who are you designing for.”

“You know, what’s a good thing I think on the designer side is finding a pattern maker who’s not just like checking you off the list necessarily, but is a little bit, you know, excited and invested.”

Show Notes: 


Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear!


More about Xochil Herrera Scheer:

Xochil is a professional pattern maker and her company provides product development services to brands and designers in the Chicago metro area, and throughout the country. Xochil and her team have expert tailoring skills, and a strong skill set in fashion design, including first through production patterns, technical design and prototype creation. They provide guidance for established and new brands alike throughout the product development process, including material and factory sourcing, and production advisory.

Xochil has a BFA in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, and graduate degree in entrepreneurship from DeVry University. Xochil is a detail oriented, results driven task master, and enjoys the analytic side of fashion, making products come to life through strategic sourcing and technical details.



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