“Learning is not compulsory … neither is survival. ” – Henry Ward Beecher

Same goes for your business so I suggest you prepare yourself with specific knowledge BEFORE you start a fashion business. Check out Jane’s video about launching an apparel, childrenswear, or accessories line.

Jane teaches you WHAT you need to know, HOW to do it, and WHERE to get it

A Note from Jane:

I was 25 when I designed my first Jane Hamill women’s line and opened my first boutique.  There was a lot I didn’t know about running a business, I mean a lot, like buckets. I learned the hard way – through trial and error, long hours, extremely hard work and dedication, and a little luck.  Now I know there was an easier way – I didn’t HAVE to figure out everything on my own but I just didn’t know where to go for answers. I’d like to save new designers some trouble!

That’s why I started the New Designer Program. It’s an online training program that includes videos, worksheets, templates, scripts and audio (mp3 files) that prepare you to launch a fashion business. No fluff, just specific steps and strategies to get a viable business up and running. I did it years ago and I ran my wholesale and retail businesses for over 14 years until I sold them!

And trust me, I’m no smarter than you. And I certainly wasn’t more creative than you, or better “connected”.  If I can do it, pretty much anyone with the proper guidance, vision, and planning can do it too. Check it out now.




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  1. Can I share your course with my partner? Specifically, we both want to download to our own computer so that we can take the course on our own time; our schedules don’t always coordinate. So, can we download onto 2 computers? We are ready to pay for the course and anxious to get started. Your quick response would be appreciate.

  2. Hi Joan! Yes, you can access the information from different computers. There can only be one log-in and password but if you have a partner who wants to learn the material as you do, that’s fine.

    1. Dear Jane — thank you for your response. My husband has been in the launching phase of his business for actually a couple of years. And what I have learned from your website before even taking the seminars (all of them) at the DG Expo in San Francisco last weekend, I proposed that many of your teachings, training and coaching might be useful to him as well. This is great to know that he can access your information esp. on the courses I signed up for and all the other great stuff on your website alone. I don’t have to relinquish my computer to him — grin. Nor will he be interested in everything as I am. I’m glad to know HOW I can share the valuable lessons with him. Thank you!

  3. Hello, My name is Kayla I am an aspiring 28 year old Business owner specializing in Accessories mainly. Very into my Accessories from child to an adult to this day the passion has not left me. I am so eager to start an accessory boutique of my own. Hopefully able to travel around the world shopping for Accessories and beads to make and sell. That is in due time however, I looked and listened to your amazing video and have taken notes however, Im still a bit scrambled. my main concern is should I go to business meetings to get a fill of owning a business OR would that be going in a different direction? I would also like to make my own Accessories. please help meee!!! I would like to start small (online selling) and take baby steps to bigger accomplishments. Sincerly Kayla

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