What Happened to My Customer? (Steal This Idea #4)

What happened to my customer

Recently I started a new series on my blog, called STEAL THIS IDEA. The point is to share with you FANTASTIC marketing and sales ideas you can “steal” and tweak to use in your own creative business.

The point is to see the examples, and then ask yourself…

“How can I use this for MY business? How creative can I get to try something different with my marketing?”

I cringe when I think about how I TOTALLY lost track of my customer when I had my boutique in Chicago. You see, we had moved locations and I didn’t realize the HUGE effect it had on who was actually buying my product. I was too busy working on daily tasks, designing the product, and all the other business details.

I made you a video about what happened and I’m including strategies on how NOT to be like me. Don’t be like me…

Whaddayathink about the question I ask you at the end of the video? Thumbs up or down? Leave me a comment below!

As always, thanks for reading and watching, 


P.S. Here’s the course I mention. 




27 Responses

  1. I like it! Honestly, some of your videos I save for later. But when I see “steal this” im like “ooo must watch NOW”. I don’t know why lol.

  2. I thinks “Steal This” is a great title for it!! You pay homage to the original inspirations and that really lets people know you are more interested in sharing information and not just selling information and THAT inspires others to share in the way too 😉 ??

  3. I like the name. “Steal” in this case, sounds intriguing like you’re getting something not many people know about, that’s exclusive.

  4. Dear Jane, love, love love your info. Steal This – totally fine. It suits your personality and is fun. Great info as always. Even though I’ve done the fashion / retail thing for years, I love listening to what you are sharing and it translates well into my new creative venture of art and surface design. You have experience and tell it like it is… well done. BTW, I love your podcast on the mistakes made in the first 6 months. I have many and need to share on ITunes. Overbuying! Overproducing! And sales reps that did nothing. Ugh.

    1. I hear you, M.E.! Do you have a podcast? If you do, please post the link! If not, would you consider being a guest on mine? I’d love to hear your stories and learn from your experience. Just reach out and let me know! -Jane

  5. Hi JANE
    I always look forward to your emails and videos. You are so bright and good hearted. I really don’t like it! It’s a negative word! It would be better if you say: SHARE THIS instead of STEAL THIS! You are well connected to so many talented people out theirer sharing notes and passing it around. A better name would be WORK THIS. Thanks, Lourdes

  6. I get it and that title makes me pay attention wanting to know what important info is being shared. Ps I always appreciate your emails and get excited to see what topics you are speaking into next. Thank you for what you do.

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