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Maria Boustead, founder and designer of Po Campo

In this episode of the Fashion Brain podcast, we talk about the down-an-dirty reality of running a fashion business.

My guest is Maria Boustead, designer and founder of Po Campo. Maria designs bags that are functional and cute and she loves what she does. She shares her story about the things she wasn’t prepared for, her lucky break that turned into her worst nightmare, how her business strategy has changed, and stepping off the cliff.

She is SO HONEST in this interview – it is tremendous of her to share the real deal. No BS and no sugar coating. You are going to LOVE it! She is one of my favorite designers on the planet.

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Click to hear Maria’s story and her lucky break >>>


Maria BousteadIn this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What started as a lucky break but turned into the worst nightmare
  • Consumer events and street fairs
  • How to handle selling when you’re introverted
  • When Maria had to step off the cliff
  • Producing in the US and China
  • When a shipment runs late and has quality problems
  • Getting that HUGE order
  • How personal connections make a big difference for business
  • Tradeshows – yes or no
  • How she’s made her business is healthy and ready to grow

You can check out the Po Campo website right here: http://pocampo.com/

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  1. Just finished this podcast. SO GREAT! It’s always such a treat listening to other designers stories, their ups and downs when entering the retail world. Loved hearing about Maria’s experience with the larger retailers and her advice on not taking things for granted. Using the first two years to explore, establish your customer and work the audience. Wonderful! Thanks Jane for these podcasts. They’re wonderful <3

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