Artist Ruth Hamill with her sales maven, Amy Tuttle Today’s episode of the Fashion Brain podcast gives you the story of a non-traditional, creative selling partnership between artist and “sales rep”. My guests are Ruth Hamill, painter and sister of yours truly, and Amy Tuttle, salesperson extraordinaire. I’m not kidding when I say this – Ruth’s artistic talent is matched by Amy’s ability to connect with people, work a room, and get the sale. Theirs is a partnership that WORKS to sell Ruth’s work. A lot of it. Ruth started like most of us – selling her own work. She’s a former PR exec so it’s not like she doesn’t have skills. She knows how to market a product, tell a story, and talk about her work. What she doesn’t like doing is actually selling – closing the sale and finishing the conversation that ends with a credit card. Ruth and Amy’s connection all started with this email…

“Was it the wine talking or are you really going to help me?”

podcast for clothing and accessories designers Click to learn how they sell so much art >>>   *At the 9 minute mark, Ruth tells why she COULD NOT sell her own work Last night, Ruth had her grand opening party for her first pop-up art show in her hometown of Chicago (she lives in the Northeast). It was a blast and BTW, she sold a painting in the first 10 minutes to the FIRST person who walked in the door. Amazing. Now it’s your turn… Was this podcast helpful to you? If it was, click the LIKE button and share it with your friends. And tell me this…  What did you like about it? What made your ears perk up? Have you tried any creative ways of selling that worked for you? Let me know in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading and listening! Jane P.S. For my step-by-step strategy to get your product into boutiques, you can check out this course. Feedback from designers has been awesome on it!



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  1. I loved this podcast!! What I liked best was something Ruth said, “be yourself, don’t be like everyone else. You’re an artist, an entrepreneur!” Sometimes we get too caught up in wanting people to like us, or someone will disagree with us, that we lose who we really are.

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