Paul Klein

Ever wonder why some creative entrepreneurs succeed and others struggle?

On this episode of the Fashion Brain podcast, we talk about ALL creatives, not just fashion designers. We cover ways to sell your work, 3 things that every creative needs to do to be successful, and how to sell your work.

My guest is Paul Klein. Paul is an art mentor and he runs a 12 week online for artists to de-mystify the art world. My sister (an artist) took the class and LOVED it. She introduced me to Paul and that was my lucky day.

Paul Klein also works with TED Fellows, writes for Huffington Post and ArtLetter and ran his own cutting edge Chicago gallery for 30 years. Basically, he’s the go-to guy in Chicago when it comes to the art world.

Paul and I don’t always agree and it makes for a lively interview. I had a blast with this episode and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Have a listen…

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How the internet changed things for artists in a big way
  • Why it’s hard to put yourself out there
  • How some creatives get it all wrong when they approach a gallery
  • Ways to get over your fear of “selling”
  • The difference between vision and strategy
  • How to sell a LOT of your work without “selling out”
  • What people see in your art compared to what you THINK they see
  • Simple ways to start getting your own network and building relationships in the art world
  • When you need to “get over it”

You can check out Paul’s website and get access to a free webinar here: http://kleinartistworks.com/

Now it’s your turn…

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I want to hear from you! Paul and I lay out 2 challenges at the end of the episode. Which one will you do? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for listening and reading.




5 Responses

  1. Challenge accepted – I get stopped up when approaching stores. I loath cold calling and avoid it like everything, and when I get turned down or ignored (which so far always happens) I have a harder time coming back. The prospect of visiting a store to initiate a relationship instead of selling my line is less intimidating, but here’s where you lose me–What do I do instead? What do I say to the person working? How do I know they are a decision maker? How will they remember me if I just say “hi, I like your stuff”? This may be obvious to an extraverted person but to an intravert like me, I feel clueless.

  2. Baby Steps. Keep it simple. You’re all on the same team. I see it as similar to meeting a new neighbor. You’re both going to be around a long time. Let it grow organically. Even if the parents aren’t there you are going to be nice to the children. Same thing with the people at the gallery. You’ll figure out all the people soon enough. Just find a pace you are comfortable at and maintain it. They’ll remember you–especially if you show up every 3 to 5 weeks. Thanks for asking, Paul

  3. I have been resisting (literally holding back the winds) of writing my own blog. Challenge accepted. Starting in the next 2 days.
    Check up on me. 🙂

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – Paul for your candor and Jane for providing the connection to so many talented and generous people. Jane, when I started working with you (four or five months ago) I started to believe that I really could develop a successful handbag business. As you know, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to attend Milan Fashion week and meet many established designers. I surprised myself (at first) by walking up to “beautiful people” at fashionable venues and asking them to model my handbags. Imagine – in frickin’ Milan during fashion week. But you have given me the confidence to take that kind of action. Thank you. What I loved about this podcast with Paul is his message to be yourself, share what you have and most of all show up. And as you know – I’ve got the age thing going on. Starting a business when my friends are retiring – wait, what? xo Judy

    1. Judy!!!! So excited for you. Retiring? Is that still a thing? Great for those who choose it but for those of us who love to do stuff and work, I say let’s do it. I’m thrilled to be able to give you confidence and I totally agree that Paul Klein understands how human nature works. I’m really glad this podcast helped you. I’m rooting for you all the way!

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