How to write fast for your business blog

If you’re like me, you know your blog is the best way to GET and KEEP customers. (If you’re not like me and you don’t know that, now you do. It works for EVERY niche and EVERY product.)

The issue is that blogging takes time. It takes effort. And it takes a certain amount of confidence and courage to:

  • know what to say
  • understand what people actually want to hear from you
  • put yourself and your business out there

In this episode of the Fashion Brain podcast, I lay out a simple plan to write your next blog post in 60 minutes. Yes, it can be that simple – if you let it be. And I pad that with an extra 10 minutes to clean it up and proofread. 70 minutes door to door. Sound do-able?

Click here to listen:

You can also click here go to the top of the page, and download the podcast mp3 to any device.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What to do before you event start (don’t skip this part!)
  • How to choose a topic
  • Jane’s example topic and how simple it is
  • why you’re more interesting than you think you are
  • The #1 blog post from Jane’s handbag designer client
  • A simple 3 part formula for writing fast

So here’s your challenge..

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to WRITE the post I lay out for you in this episode. It’s a simple, behind the scenes look at your studio, workspace, new projects, whatever! The key is to pull back the curtain to let readers get to know you. It’s also OK to take this challenge as a video blog, podcast, however you want. The format isn’t important here, the DOING IT is what matters.

Keep in mind I don;t want you to blog to jet be a blogger. Everything I do is designed to SELL MORE STUFF. Period. Writing this behind-the-scenes post is the first step.

And I’m challenging you to WRITE IT TODAY. Tomorrow at the latest. Don’t just read and listen but actually execute the plan I lay out for you.

Now it’s your turn…

Did you like this episode? If so, kindly click the LIKE button and SHARE it with your peeps! Get a friend to take this challenge with you. Push each other. Support each other. Cheer for each other!

And tell me this…do you accept my challenge? Tell me YES or NO in the comments below.

Then – part 2 of the challenge – is to come back after you do the work and post your link to the blog post. Got it? Now !!

As always, thanks for reading and listening!




11 Responses

  1. And done! I took up your challenge. I did two blog posts in 71.5 minutes! I did a blog post, as instructed, that’s a quick peek at what I’m doing in my studio post over at ElaineLutherArt.com, then wrote a post *about* writing the post, to share the technique with my readers, over at All Things Metal Clay, which is at CreativeTextureTools.com/news.

    Here are the links to both posts:


    Thanks Jane, great challenge! I was actually surprised it took me so long and am even more motivated to buy a new computer as soon as I can. (that’s the part that slowed me down, uploading pictures.)

    1. Elaine, You are officially my hero. Congrats on taking the challenge – and crushing it.

  2. I was just working on a blog post when I got sucked into the idea overload. I really needed to hear you say to stick to the outline! Thanks!!

    1. Right?? Seems like when I finally sit down to write a post it morphs into 50 different things that keep me stuck! I am SOOOO sticking to the outline (in the past 3 weeks) and it’s working wonders. Go Anna!

  3. I am going to do this challenge tomorrow! Although I am terrified I want to do it. I really want to write my project that I am doing right now but I don’t wanna give the pics of it yet? But honestly I want to encourage women to be beautiful and fashion forward in their own way… That’s really what I am passionate about…

  4. Great idea!!! I’ve been confused over how to write a successful post and you make it sound so easy! I own a boutique shop and I am going to take the challenge tomorrow to give them a tour to my shop!!! So perfect!
    Thanks a lot
    Kika from Greece

  5. Thank you so much, Jane! This podcast episode has changed my entire blog writing game. No longer am I wasting energy dreading blog writing and wasting time trying to figure out what to write. I usually have a topic in mind, and then I start thinking about my three points. Once I have those I figure out a story to package them in, and the rest comes pretty easily too.
    My blog posts have become higher in quality, more concise, more entertaining, and rather than dreading hitting the “send” button and hoping for the best, I’m actually proud of them!

    Feel free to check them out here, I hope you enjoy them!

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