Top 3 Product Planning Mistakes Fashion & Jewelry Designers Make

What products should I drop when?

How much inventory will I need?

What’s a logical way to set my sales goals?

We cover all of this and more. 

You’ll get a deeper understanding of the top product planning and inventory mistakes I see with my clients (and I’ve made them all myself) plus how to fix them. 

This is for fashion products, accessories, jewelry, home goods, CPG, anything that requires inventory.

Mistake #1: Setting Sales Goals Based on Nothing

– Pop quiz: What’s the #1 predictor of sales for a DTC market, craft show, or retail store?

Mistake #2: Not Understanding How Much Inventory You Will Need

– Stock to Sales ratio, sell-thru percentages, POD vs. in-stock vs. pre-order vs. made to order…

Mistake #3: Dropping Seasonal Products Too Late

– Your “too early” is my “way too late”, seasonal vs. evergreen products

We also cover markdowns and how to actually PLAN for them and deal with markeitng things down. 

xo – Jane


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