Outdated Marketing Practices You Can Stop Doing

Today is about what you can STOP doing. There’s a some questionable marketing going on out there and I’ll share what’s really working for my clients and what’s not. If you sell physical products –  clothing, accessories, jewelry, home goods, pet products — this is for you. There’s so much misinformation out there  and I’d like you to know what to do aand what to skip.

We discuss: 

  • posting on social media and the “old school” (and unprofitable) way people are still doing it
  • the mistake of “us too” branding
  • Calvin Klein vs. Ralph Lauren and which one’s kicking arse with engagement
  • the product photography that looks outdated right now
  • SEO – the slow and steady success of search engine optimization for ALL OF MY CLIENTS! Every single dang one (who bothers to do it)
  • can small fashion & jewelry brands just ignore Facebook altogether? (I know you want to…)
  • the highly curated Instagram feed — good or bad?


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4 Responses

  1. Yes! A ton of super tidbits, Jane!

    -Yay to ending curated IG feeds! I’d been stressing that my feed looked too chaotic but it’s looking right on point! HAHA! Maybe that’s my cue for posting more consistently.🌞

    I’ll add something else: when I include a selfie, I get 10x more views and likes than my other posts🙃! (I mostly don’t do selfies though.) Real people want to see real people! Right?

    -Asking Q’s: yes, I do this already most of the time. I mostly don’t get any comments because I have very few followers yet, yes, I did notice more responses when I ask simple stuff: Whatcha like better A or B?

    A question for you, Jane:
    I’d been postponing adding new products to my shopify because I don’t have any new “professional” product photos. Yet I’ve been noticing that even top brands use “homemade” looking photography. Should I just get over my stagnant perfectionism and put up selfies with my products on my website??? Quick and dirty, like you say??? Or hire a professional and get it all done?

    So much more to say but I’ll get back to work /play rn (while listening to Fashion Brain podcasts). 👋

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