Costing and Pricing Your Product (Part 1)

Costing & Pricing Your Product (part 1)

We all know the importance of costing and pricing a product for profit. The question is…are you doing it right?

Pricing your fashion or accessories product is one of the most important things you’ll do for your business. There’s a lot that goes into it and waaaaaaayyyyyy to many product entrepreneurs are making mistakes. 

  • You may be using a cost sheet you got on Etsy with wacky margins
  • You could be fudging your numbers (like I did) because you don’t want to deal with the painful truth
  • You might even be undercharging based on fear that no one will buy. 

I get it. I’ve made a crap-ton of mistakes with my own pricing of my clothing line.

I totally screwed myself over with my not so accurate but I can’t accept the truth costing sheets.

In fact, many of you are are also screwing yourselves over with your pricing mistakes! 

Today we’ll dive into the first steps to pricing for profit.

Next week you’ll get my EXACT markups & pricing formulas for small fashion brands.


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