Just Not Feeling It: How to Keep Going in Business When You Feel Like You Can’t

You wake up, and do NOT want to do the work. You think…I just can’t. Not today.

But can you? Should you?

Where’s the line between hustle and self-care?

Between “honor your body” and “just do the work”?

And if you’re continuously not feeling it, is that a sign of a bigger issue that needs to be addressed?

This episode gives you practical tips for what to do when you’re just not feeling it.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • The important check-in when “I just can’t. I’m not feeling it” comes up for you
  • Prompts to help you through those days
  • An idea — that YOU get to make choices

Have a listen…

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Mentioned in this episode & resources for you;

And remember…“Perfect is good but DONE is better.”

xo -Jane




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