I have a special guest today and she has solved the inventory problem. And before you say, oh she’s probably selling POD (print on demand) T-shirts, that’s not it.

Jennyvi is a fashion designer who creates custom high end bridal dresses and she also had a RTW of apparel. For her clothing line, she got tired of ordering inventory hoping and hustling to sell it.

At the same time, she was feeling lost creatively and went through a very difficult time – the passing of her mother. Jennyvi took solace in reading Jane Austen novels. This lead to a creative outlet of designing prints (and dresses, at first) to honor Jane Austen.

Boom. A new business was launched out of a desire to heal.

We talk about solving the inventory problem and how her journey has unfolded – which hasn’t been quick or easy. It’s a really fascinating discussion.

Have a listen…

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Show Notes: 

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xo – Jane



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