#MondayMotivation VIDEO: A Tough Love Message All Makers, Designers, and Handmade Business Owners Need to Hear

(Video) A Tough Love Message All Makers, Designers, and Handmade Business Owners Need to Hear

I pulled off the side of the walking path on my morning walk today to shoot this video for you. It’s a tough love message you need to hear. If you ever watch ANY video of mine, make it this one.


Whaddayathink? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for watching! -Jane

Here’s a link to the FREE Workshop I mention in the video, “4 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Online Store”






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  1. Great video – totally agree its definitely a mind set change.You aren’t successful simply because you designed something lovely if you can’t sell it. You need to know your numbers. You need to understand marketing. That means you have to be a business person first in order to succeed and sustain yourself as a biz. Thanks so much for the clear reminder message!!

  2. Hello Jane,
    Thanks for the tough love during your walk! Your love is just what I need and I did sign up for your course. I am looking forward!
    Thanks “sew” much, Lynne

  3. Great reminder to what’s important. There is a way to design, hack the weeds and move the biz forward…Not too much tough love. It’s real advice and motivating.

  4. Thanks Jane, part that stuck out to me “it is possible”. Great way to think – Business person first, creative person second.

  5. Perfect reminder message for a Monday morning, thank you! There are so many hats to juggle on my head – but what I love is that the process is not boring in the least and I love the challenge.

  6. Great video, thank you for your honesty, definitely the motivation I needed. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and start marketing in a smart way.

  7. Thanks for that video, even though I’m not selling online right now, I think it’s great to know how
    for later!! Thanks for the tough love!

  8. I agree 100%. I have worked with students from a local college, they do their praticum with me and I cannot stress it enough. I had I learn the hard way and I am still learning but I have a better mindset. I actually had to put a pause on my designing aspect in order to study marketing and now I have a better perspective of who my customers are and I can actually be better creative because I better know how to serve them rather Then push sales on them.

  9. I love your TOUGH LOVE. Smack me side the head with it every morning PLEASE! Between my ‘day job’ and designing/manufacturing/web/fulfilling sales and trying to enjoy a little bit of our oh-so-short summer weather, I have been finding it SO difficult to find/make the time for the marketing/promo. So your words come at just the right time for a end-of-summer into Fall season PUSH!!! Thank YOU.

  10. Jane, great info! I appreciate that tough love:) I like that you reinforce that we are too god to quit this journey and go and get a job. I also like that it’s not forever that we have to do these things, and we’re in the learning stage so it takes more focus and effort now, but as we get better at the marketing and business side, it’ll get easier.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Cathe! I should also mention that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a job, having a job, staying at a job, any of that stuff! There’s something awesome about getting a regular paycheck! It’s only a drag you want to be doing something else, and you’re sort of forced back into a job. That’s when it’s a bummer.

  11. Jane,
    it’s great advice; and I’m sure you are spot on. As a start up and limited funding it is truly tough to do it all – and know where to spend money. Could you offer some possible financing… I wanted to sign up for VIP but don’t have room on the credit card for the base. Dilemma- and probably why I need to do it!
    I will sign up again for the free course and GREATLY appreciate your knowledge and true desire to help us new kids on the block!

    1. Hi Jan! If things are tight, and it’s not in your plan to join the “Sell More Products Online” course (enrollment opening soon) you could consider the “How to build an audience before your product is even ready to sell” mini-course… it’s not available on the site right now, but just reach out to us if we can help you get started, okay? Brain at fashion brain academy.

  12. You’re the best, Jane. Thank you. Needed to hear that. It’s just a matter of changing my mindset and not being afraid of selling, but looking at it as the necessary part of business that will allow me to keep being able to design and create things. Eventually I will be able to hand off the parts I don’t like, but I know that for now I have to master them. Thanks again for all of your great advice. You are a treasure!

    1. Exactly! Knowing how to market and sell will allow you to design and enjoy every second of it. And you’re right, it’s not forever…

  13. Hi Jane, this is the first media piece of yours of I have seen, read or heard and totally loved the raw honesty no wasting time advice, give me the truth no sugar coating. I live/work in Sydney Australia about to launch my label & website & bricks mortar store… look forward to more of your content to help me survive, thrive & drive!!! x

    1. Go Luisa!!! I started with a retail store so I totally understand what you’re going through. I’m rooting for you all the way and can’t wait to hear your next update. Please keep in touch!

  14. Love the video! And for some of us who are not sales people, we needed that. We sometimes feel like we’re pressuring people to buy but the truth is if we don’t ask, we won’t get the sale.

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