Why You’re Not Getting The Online Sales You Want with Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley interview - The Social Sales Girls

Have you ever said to yourself…

  • Why don’t I have more online sales?
  • Is there something wrong with my products? Do people just not like what I do?
  • Why are other business posting photos of tons of orders being shipped out – but not me? What am I doing wrong?

It can be sooooo frustrating when you know you have a great product and you feel like you’re doing ALL THE THINGS but you’re not getting the amount of online sales you think you could, or should, be getting.

Today I’m bringing on Susan Bradley from The Social Sales Girl to to talk about the “why don’t I have more online sales?” issue we both hear from our clients and members all the time. 

We’re going to get you some answers. You will LOVE this episode. 

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Susan’s hosting FREE workshop for e-commerce entrepreneurs, called  “Create Your Growth Plan” that will teach go deeper into how to grow your Shopify or online store – even if you have a day job, kids to take care of, and a limited budget.

“How to Create Your Growth Plan” Workshop with Susan Bradley

What you’ll learn: 

– You’ll figure out exactly why you’re not getting the sales you want

– You’ll set a 6-month goal that will make you feel successful.

– You’ll determine your stage of business and your next steps.

And, you’ll have clarity on the work you need to do so that you can get to the next level and reach your 6-month goal!

LIVE on September 15 – Register Now!

Quotes from today’s episode…

  • “The bottom line is that what most people don’t know the real reason they’re not getting sales.”
  • “By taking action you can get some results.”
  • “I don’t tell anyone to tweak their website until we understand what the problem is.”

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • investing time on everything else – social media, your photos, your product, etc – BUT this one thing
  • what the problem really is (hint, it’s not your site) and how it will solve a lot of other problems
  • why focusing on one thing will help you to make real progress
  • what’s “normal” for each stage of business
  • where the highest converting traffic comes from

Mentioned in this podcast:

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4 Responses

  1. Hmmm…I had written this podcast off. But this one restored my faith and gave me something I could sink my teeth into and focus on. Too many suggestion leave me lost and frustrated, focus on fixing one problem at a time I can get with.

    1. Hi Liv! I’m glad you found this episode helpful. I agree, focusing on one thing at a time is so much better!

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