Startup Story: How to Go After What You Want & Get It with Shavonne Dorsey

“You have to ADDRESS the woman before you can DRESS the woman.” – Dallas TX fashion designer, Shavonne Dorsey

Shavonne Dorsey was working in corporate America and just wanted to find clothing that fit her personality that she could wear to work. She started sketching outfits, just for fun, with no intention of doing anything with these fashion design sketches.  

But her friend saw something else when she happened upon Shavonne’s sketchbook – she saw a fashion designer.

On this episode, Shavonne gets very candid about how she’s gotten to where she is today. She’s truly living out her DREAM fashion business as a Dallas, TX based designer selling her apparel on HSN.

She tells us how she started this dream business and shares all the ups and downs that she’s gone through to get where she is today. ANd for real, it’s a WILD ride that Shavonne does not hold back on. 

You will LOVE her! She’s on of my favorite people on the planet. SOOO HONEST + beautiful on the inside and out.

Today you’ll learn:

  • how Shavonne went from corporate job (medical sales) to designing her own fashion line
  • how she got sales when she first launched her fashion line in Chicago 
  • her honest advice for women today
  • how an abusive relationship shaped her as a woman and as a fashion designer
  • how she got her clothing line on HSN and why she LOVES being on TV
  • why she had to take a look INSIDE to become the entrepreneur she is today


“I always tell women don’t ever stop. The worst thing you can ever do is stop. You might take a little break. You might kind of refresh yourself, but do not ever stop because the energy that you’re putting out there in the universe, something’s gonna come back.” – Shavonne

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Thanks for listening,

xo – Jane



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