How to create a SIMPLE sales system for your fashion business

“I’m working really hard but not getting the sales I need to support myself.”

I hear a version of this statement from entrepreneurs every week. You feel like you’re doing ALL THE THINGS – posting to social media, sending emails, making videos, running ads…

I know you’re working hard and yet, it’s often work that’s all over the place with a bunch of different tactics.

There’s no actual plan or system for getting sales. It’s just post and send — and hope they buy.

I want to help you create a simple sales system. It’s easier than it sounds and once you get it set up, you’ll get seemingly “random” sales regularly – on autopilot.

It all starts with asking yourself 4 questions. 

Answer the 4 Q’s in today’s episode and you’ll be halfway to a simple sales strategy. 

Oh!! And I’m teaching more on this in a free class coming up: The Anti-Fail Plan: 9 Pillars of a Successful Business

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In the meantime, I encourage you to think about these 4 questions.

Listen now…

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Show Notes: 

Thanks for listening,

xo – Jane



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