How to Get People to Go to Your Blog and Actually Read It

how I use my blog to get traffic and sales to my online store

I started something new last week, called STEAL THIS IDEA (Click here if you want to see last week’s episode). I’m having a BLAST finding examples of fantastic marketing and sales strategies from around the interwebs and the world and sharing them with you. The goal is to inspire you to take these ideas and bedazzle them into your OWN ideas for your own product business.

I’m not suggesting you STEAL the specific strategies but what I want you to do is watch the videos, see the examples, and then ask yourself…

“How can I use this for MY business? How creative can I get to try something different with my marketing?”

Here is my 2nd STEAL THIS video. I talk about how to get people to your blog and to actually read it and then turn that engagement into sales. I hope you like it and if you do, let me know in the comments below.

I hope this video helps you get started on driving more traffic to your blog. So now, tell me this…

1) What is your next step? Are you going to Steal This Idea and make it your own? Yes or no?

2) Do you like this type of casual video with real-life examples? Do you want more videos like this? LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW and let me know – thumbs up or down. Either way I just love hearing from you.

As always, thanks for watching and reading,




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