Three Email Marketing Ideas to Help You Sell More Products 

3 email marketing examples to help you sell more products online or wholesale

I’m doing something new today, called STEAL THIS. I’m finding examples of fantastic marketing and sales strategies from around the interwebs and the world, and sharing them with you. The goal is to inspire you to take these ideas and bedazzle them into your OWN ideas for your own product business.

It’s not my intention for you to actually STEAL these ideas and duplicate them exactly. Duh, that’s a baaaaaad idea. What I want you to do is watch the video, see the examples, and then ask yourself…

“How can I use this for MY business? How creative can I get to try something different with my marketing?”

So here’s the first STEAL THIS video. I hope you like it and if you do, let me know in the comments below. If I get enough feedback, I’ll make you some more videos, OK? 


In the video, I ask you 2 questions:

1) Do you like this style of video and the casual style of teaching? Do you want more like this? LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW and let me know – thumbs up or down. Either way I just love hearing from you.

2) When are you going to send out your NEXT email? What did you learn from this video that you can use for YOUR business?

I can’t wait to read what you write in the comments. If you’re a lurker – STOP IT!! Leave me a comment now and show me you’re alive! As always, thanks for watching and reading,





36 Responses

  1. Great video (as always!). My favorite bit of information was linking to a specific product rather than the entire collection converts better – I will find a way to work this into an upcoming email newsletter!

  2. Thank you, Jane!
    I love the way you teach: easy to adapt and adjust. I’m running an artisan online boutique and always looking for new ideas and inspirations. I hope you’ll make more of these.

  3. Great comments and great video! I actually created Email #2 so it was fun to see your responses. Great ideas for next one as well! Thanks for including the Beckons Organic Yoga Clothing email in your teaching video!

  4. I got my “TIPS” document and wrote “DO NOT send them the link to your entire collection, send them the link to your best seller”. Awesome advice =) I didn’t know that.

    Thank you!

  5. ?
    Great video. I have been doing most of that but having issue with the subject line. Never know what to say to grab their attention. . Thanks Jane. You are awe some and great meeting you in person at the DG Expo.

  6. Hi Jane
    My question is how do I get my jewelry on the bachelorette? I love your video, it was very helpful
    Thx Margo

  7. Fantastic! I understand this now more after the free class. Thanks again. I do understand now what you are trying to say.

  8. I love this style of quick training it works well for my busy schedule. I’m sending my next email out on Monday to my current customer list. I recently did my first welcome email and I got great response from that. The next email will feature one item from my holiday collection and a coupon code for free shipping.

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