Today’s episode is another quickie.

This week’s topic is:

“Hey Jane. I’m waiting for my website to be updated before I really dig in with the marketing.”

Waiting for your website to be ready to do something is not the entrepreneurial mindset you want. Your website will NEVER be ready. 

Real talk…If it’s not your website, it’s something else. We can put things off forever if we want to.

I like the way George Kao puts it…

“Stop preparing so much. Break the pattern of delay. Share what you’ve got right now. A common thought pattern that prevents people from moving forward in their business.”

When we say, “I need to do THIS, before I do THAT” what we’re really doing is putting perfection over progress. 

Here’s how to break the cycle:

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Additional Super Awesome Resources

  • Do want to see if your website is ready? Apply for a Mini-Website Review by clicking here.
  • Jane’s Free Guide: 7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store
  • The Club – Our Monthly Membership for Marketing and Sales (Great if you want to have a community of like-minded people, stay accountable, get consistent traffic to your online store, and have consistent sales…)

Also, we have an Email Bootcamp coming up!

You’re only 4 days away from emails that convert to sales. 🙂

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By the end of our 4 days together, you’ll know exactly what to say, how often to send, and how to get people to buy from your emails. You’ll have an organized PLAN for the next 30 days.

I hope you’ll join me!

I LOVE hearing from you. LMK in the comments below — What are you telling yourself you need to do before you can start?

And remember…Perfect is good but DONE is better.

xo -Jane



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