What’s Working for E-Commerce? Six Entrepreneurs Share Their Ninja Secrets for Getting Online Sales

advice from successful e-commerce sellers to get more sales online

Do you ever wish you could be a fly in the wall in the office of another entrepreneur and pick their brain about what’s actually WORKING in their business? Lucky for us, I asked 6 of my favorite e-commerce entrepreneurs for their best e-commerce selling advice. 

Today you’re going to hear from 6 online product sellers as they share their BEST advice about what’s working NOW to get sales.  

Q: What’s the ONE thing that’s working for you to get more online sales from your e-commerce site?

1. Networking, Facebook and a Discount: Eric Olsson from Olaf Olsson

“As a newbie the most luck I’ve currently had with online sales has been networking with family and friends. Since so many people I knew were asking about my ties I created a family and friends discount code for my Shopify site.

Between talking directly to people and letting people know about the site on Facebook I generated about $3K in online sales.

These initial sales also really helped me get a hand on fulfilling orders with a more forgiving audience. 🙂 I’m still really trying to figure out strategies around PPC, how to monetize social media, how to get influencers to review my products, etc.”

Olaf Olsson is a boutique maker of curated, small batch neckwear and men’s accessories based in Northampton, Massachusetts. They focus is on making the world’s most interesting, limited edition neckwear and accessories that add stories and texture to what you’re wearing.

2. Consistency and Copywriting: Erika Ehrat from Rare Dirndl

“OOOOoooo… It’s a tie between these two.

a) Consistency, consistency, consistency! I had a graphic design teacher in college that probably said this every dang day and I find that his words of wisdom are so relevant to just about everything from emails, social media, to design and customer service. My customers and followers know what to expect from me because I’m consistent. I commit to doing WHAT I CAN (and not over doing it) and doing it well and consistently.

b) Being lighthearted and funny with my web copy and my message. In the beginning the voice of my business (emails, product descriptions, social, etc.) was very proper English and “professional”. However, when I started to relax, get REAL with the customer, and take myself less seriously (I mean I sell dirndls for Pete’s sake!) I started selling more.

I don’t think it was just because more people knew about me (although it helped!) but being more relatable, less stuffy, and easier to like seemed to make people trust me more and thus trust that I wouldn’t send them an inferior product. Also, I always make sure that my photos, my execution, and customer service are always very professional and as high-quality as I can get.”

Rare Dirndl makes and sell dirndls and dirndl accessories that women want to wear whether they have a German event to go to or not. Note from Erika: “If I feel confident in the audience, then I say that my dirndls are “SO BADASS that women want to wear them for yada yada…”

3. Email Marketing: Tom from Mimobee
“Okay, here goes: What’s working for us right now is email marketing. We’ve slacked off in the past, but now are focusing on that with promising results. Why? Your existing customers are a goldmine where you can apply the 80/20 rule and really build lifetime value for each customer. 
Mimobee is a kids brand focused on premium contemporary basics made in sunny southern California.
4. Deliver Amazing Customer Service: Marisa Cerveris from SteelCore
“What’s working right now can be described as ‘Customer Experience and Accessibility’.  I’ve been trying, across all platforms and sales channels, to be quickly accessible to my customers (or potential customers). No matter whether they have landed on any of my social media platforms, blog, website, or Amazon store, when they reach out… I’m there. And for every package I have a message embedded in my shipping list that is general, and then I handwrite and additional personal note to make the customer feel really special and highly valued.
Backstory… Recently I had a new customer on Amazon email me because her package had not arrived in her mailbox even though the carrier had sent a delivery message. I got the email from Amazon at 11 PM, and I answered it! The next day I initiated a claim with the carrier and again sent an email. I also told her not to worry, that I would be sure she got her order even if the first shipment was truly lost.
We began an email dialog, and by the time the customer found her order had been delivered to a neighbor’s apartment, she was a loyal fan. She has ordered three more times this month!
Conclusion… People want to feel special and taken care of. If it’s feasible to do so, connect with them. And who knows… you may make a friend along the way :)”
Steel Core makes yoga, Pilates, dance and streetwear. It’s organic, ethically produced, made in USA. Designer and founder, Marisa Cerveris, is a former professional ballerina with the New York City Ballet. 

5. Having a Community: Marcy Budwick from Kaiya Designs

“Creating a community and a sense of urgency has really propelled my brand. I’m having great success with my Facebook Group. I find that people want to connect with the person creating their style. Be transparent and open and love your customer. Creating that connection has been priceless. In a world of mass production, creating really great items in very limited quantities – even if once a quarter – will truly drive sales. People like unique and or one-of-a-kinds…they’re even willing to pay more for them.
Kaiya Designs make stylish, effortless and most importantly comfortable clothes for busy moms.
6. Blogging, Newsletters, and Email Drips: Jackie Ayres from Dyetology
“Consistency of the Trifecta!! The Trifecta being: blogging, newsletters, and email drips. Doing all these things consistently is paying off. As a result, I am getting traction in my business and building my audience.
Dyetology offers statement-making, unique hand-dyed accessories.

Huge thanks to all the makers / entrepreneurs…

…who shared their advice in this post. Tell me this, which tip stands out to you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


P.S.  If you’re ready to get serious about selling more from your online store, check out this podcast and check out my class here.



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    1. Right?? It’s so crazy what makes a difference. 20 minutes a day of exercise x 6 weeks means a lot more than one BOOTCAMP day. Same goes for business. Thanks, Mindy!

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