The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Selling Online (Podcast & Download)

The Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Getting Online Sales

Marketing checklist for e-commerce

Today’s episode is all about what you need to have in place to really ramp up your online sales. In fact, I want you to DOUBLE your sales in the next year. For realzzzzzzz. And I have a detailed checklist you can download (free stuff – yay).

And it’s not as hard as it sounds. And actually…

It’s not as easy as it sounds either. 

It starts with a DECISION to act like a business person first and a creative person second. This means spending time on things that bring in money. Getting your product in front of the “right” people – those who like what you have, see the value, and can afford to pay for it – brings in money. 

And THAT should always be your first priority.

It’s the consistent marketing that brings in the dough. SO go ahead and listen to the show + download the “2017 E-Commerce Marketing Checklist” that goes with it. 

Download this episode on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. You can also click here to download it to any device as an mp3.

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Here’s what’s covered in this episode…

  • What you need to put in place to DOUBLE your sales this year
  • How to get a FREE website user test today
  • What gets people to actually want to sign up for your emails
  • Why companies can’t only rely on social media to market their products
  • The motto that keeps me going every single day

free download checklist for selling more products online

Show notes:

Your turn. Was this checklist helpful?? Let me know your feedback in the comments – I LOVE hearing from you. 




9 Responses

  1. There were many pearls of wisdom shared – thanks so much Jane! The checklist is super helpful. ‘Perfect is good but done is better’ will be my mantra from now onwards ?

  2. Very helpful – some good points I had not considered, especially the one about cultivating a relationship with new subscribers. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jane,

    I loved the podcast. The lists are always a helpful way to sort information in my mind! I do have a question. You have spoken in multiple podcasts before that one thing you encourage new designers to do is to think about how we want to set up our businesses to fit the kind of lifestyle we want. Do you go into more detail about this in the new designer program? This is something I have really started to consider since you brought it up.


    1. Hi Maddi,
      Thanks for your question. Yes, in the Startup Program there is an entire video (in Step 2 – Setting the Foundation) about choosing how you want to sell based on your goals and personal lifestyle / budget / life-stage. There’s also a worksheet on different ways to sell – your business model choice – and the pros and cons of each.

      Here’s a link to the course: https://fashionbrainacademy.com/training-courses/new-designer-program/

      Wishing you the best with your new business! – Jane

  4. Oh my god. My new mantra for life: “Perfect is good, but DONE is better.” I can not tell you how many times even in the last year if I had acted on that line that I could have achieved exponentially more. I just found your site and podcast because I’m looking to produce a line. Background: I’m not a designer, no idea what I’m doing…just couldn’t find what I wanted in the market and described it to others to resounding agreement. You’re giving me the confidence to move forward with what seems like pure craziness and I thank you! I’m sharing your podcast with my friends working in all kinds of entrepreneurial efforts because what you say rings true across the business spectrum.

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