How to Build an Audience for Your Brand from Scratch (11 Steps)

How can I get a bigger following for my brand?

I get these questions every week…

  • How do I get a bigger audience?
  • What are the steps to building a loyal following that will actually buy from me?
  • How can I grow my email list and get people to know I exist?

Today gives you the exact 11 steps to building an audience for your brand from SCRATCH. These steps are the same for established brands and for startups.

They’re even the same for those who want to build a following BEFORE you even launch your business.

And they work. It all starts with content marketing…

Learn via podcast or video…

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11 Steps to Building an Audience for Your Brand from Scratch: 

  1. Create content (any form)
  2. Your platform (blog)
  3. Send out in email
  4. Create graphics
  5. Decide on 2 – 3 hooks
  6. Post snippets on social media
  7. Drive back to site
  8. On your site, trade for email address
  9. Continue the relationship
  10. More content, more visits to your site
  11. Ask for the sale

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