The Anti Fail Plan - 9 pillars of success from being in business for 27 years

What makes a successful business? Money isn’t the ONLY thing we need to think about in business in order to get success, there are more elements to it. 

We want a business that has these 4 things:

  • Serves your customers/clients
  • Serves the world
  • Fills you up
  • And monetize at the same time…

Today, I’m breaking down my “Anti-Fail Plan”, which is made up of the 9 pillars of success from being in business for 27 years.

We deep dive into the 9 Pillars today:

  • Outrageous Goal
  • Higher Purpose (not in a religious way)
  • How to get from where are now to our outrageous goal
  • Focussing on the “3 bests” in your business
  • Your content (attraction) plan
  • Your “Simple Sales System” that’s actually do-able 
  • Why consistency is important & how to do it
  • A new mindset: Perfect is good but DONE is better
  • Your 90-day plan

Heads up!!

I’m teaching this ENTIRE strategy in a LIVE 9-week online course. I’m SO FLIPPING EXCITED. Learn more here: 

The Anti-Fail Plan LIVE Experience (9-week online program)

It’s a new way to do business and will help you create a simple plan for marketing & sales that’s actually do-able.

Back to the episode! It’s a good one and packed with actionable ideas for you to think about and try today.

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Quotes from the Episode

  • “Each business is unique, but the concepts are the same”
  • “Having confidence means you take action. Taking actions means you’re gonna fail sometimes and you’re gonna win sometimes, but you don’t even take action if your confidence is low. So plan equals confidence. Confidence equals action, action equals results. “
  • “Perfect is good. But done is better. We embrace imperfect action.”

Thanks for listening, let me know what you thought in the comments! 

xo – Jane



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