(Podcast) Stop Doing Things That Don’t Make You $$

be more productive every day in your handmade business

What are you working on today? Will you focus on money making activities or “safe” work for your creative business?

Today’s episode walks you through 5 simple statements – a quick process to determine what REALLY makes you a profit. The idea is to know WHAT to do and what NOT to do so you can do less but get more sales and make more money. Wait a sec, do less but make more?? Yep. That’s the whole idea…

In all fairness, it’s an easy thing to do IF you’re willing to be honest with yourself and tweak the way you work and how you spend your time. I even give you my 5 STATEMENT process (yo, it’s free) as a freebie download. Just scroll down and grab it. Who loves ya?

Listen to this episode on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. You can also download it to any device as an mp3 by clicking the download icon under the bar above.

Here’s my challenge for you. Are you willing to WORK IT today? Download the 5 STATEMENT process and spend 10 minutes on it right now? 

download the 5 Statement Process (it's free)

I triple-dog dare you to do this NOW. Just answer in the comments below if you’re going to do it – yes or no??? 

YES or NO??

Thanks for reading and listening. -JH

P.S. Bonus points for telling me what you discover after you do your “homework”. I’m listening…



11 Responses

  1. Jane, I love the “stop doing shizzle” that doesn’t make you money! You are so to the point and it’s true I guess 50% of the time I do that, so now I will reduce it to 10%. I still have your line in my head every day: ask yourself “is what I am doing right now going to make me earn some cash?” and its so helpful! Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Marieke. I LOVE how you’re planning to go from 50% to 10%. That is an awesome, attainable goal! Do glad this stuff is helpful to you.

  2. Hi Jane – this was a fantastic podcast! It made me take an honest look at my top sellers and now I need to work through your exercise to get more ideal customer. Thank you

  3. Jane!

    Honestly, where have you been all my life?! Such an awesome podcast, you really hit the nail on the head.
    I wish I had know about your blog before I started my business. I will be implementing your suggestions going forward. Thank you so much!

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