Outdated Fashion Business Practices You Can Stop Doing

Today we cover what NOT to do with your clothing, accessories, or jewelry business. There’s so much advice out there about starting & growing a fashion business and a lot of it is outdated and unrealistic. 

We discuss: 

  • are fashion shows a waste of time and money or good for getting exposure?
  • designing for seasons & sticking to a fashion calendar
  • how some fashion designers are actually planning for your products to become obsolete quickly
  • creating full fashion collections vs. dropping new products when you want to
  • professional, slick photoshoots vs. user generated content & customer pics
  • carrying inventory and finding customers to buy it

**This episode was inspired by Steve Chou of “My Wife Quit Her Job” and his episode about Outdated Ecommerce Tips. Thanks, Steve!

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3 Responses

    1. I know, right?!? If someone could show me some legit examples of people making money from fashion shows, and I would be on board.

  1. This episode is is brilliant! I’ve worked in the fashion industry for almost 40 years and no one talks about the FACT that no one buys collections anymore. D2C has turned the traditional design process on its head. Thank you Jane!

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