Get Sales Now - Seven Things You Can Do When Your ECommerce Sales Are Down

When your eCommerce sales are down, it’s easy to freak out and not know what to do. This episode gives you 7 very specific things you can do TODAY to get sales immediately. 

Last week’s episode was PART ONE of this series and it was about the mindset that needs to happen first. I suggest you listen to that one first.

When you tune in to this week’s episode you’re going to learn about…

  • LIVE video shopping and the mistakes most store owners make
  • Asking for referrals
  • Trying something completely different
  • Send more emails! And how to do it without “bothering” people
  • Setting up a secret sale that won’t crush your margins
  • Finding new audiences for FREE << yep, free
  • How to re-invent items that aren’t selling so you move that inventory

You don’t want to miss this episode with 7 actionable ways to get more sales NOW.

Resources mentioned in this episode

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When your eCommerce sales are down, it’s easy to freak out and not know what to do, and this episode is going to help you with that.

Today is PART TWO of what to do when sales are down and what to do to get sales NOW!

Last week’s episode was part one of this two-part series and it was about the mindset that needs to happen first. Most entrepreneurs who don’t have the life, the income, the balance, the team that they want… it’s not because they don’t have the strategy, The tactics.

It’s often the belief that it will work. The confidence and accountability to DO THE THINGS and continually take imperfect action.

Listen to the first part of this topic here.

Today, we’re talking about getting sales now, right now, right this minute and I am laying down seven things you can do when your e-commerce sales are down.

I reached out to some of my buddies and colleagues in the online fashion, marketing, selling eCommerce, email, and Shopify world and I got some amazing tips from these experts in addition to one of my own.

So seven tips, let’s go.

Listen below…

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Resources mentioned in this episode

Quotes from the Episode

  • “It’s not because we don’t have the strategy or the tactics. It’s often much more often the belief that, Hey, this is gonna work the confidence and the accountability to actually do the things that continually will be, you know, to continually take perfect imperfect action. I so embrace one of the main pieces of my business and what I teach is that perfect is good, but done is better.” 
  • “I find many creatives, get all negative and start to overthink it and question everything and either get too in their head about their brand or act fast to move and discount things, which is oftentimes the last thing you wanna do.
  • “The first thing you should do when your sales are down and you start to freak out, or you’re worried, you’re gonna freak out — is deal with your freak out. Okay?

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And remember…Perfect is good but DONE is better!

xo -Jane



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